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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. breaking news. a mistrial for the first of six baltimore police officers to go on trial in the death of freddie gray. tonight two protestors under arrest but the city is calm heeding the calls for peace. >> we wait for word about a retrial for officer william porter. glad you are with us tonight.
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i'm adam longo. >> and i'm leslie foster. >> it sparked a wave of protests 8 months ago. barbara has new details and we begin with garrett hague where a judge has a meeting with the attorneys in the morning. >> after more than 19 hours of deliberations stretched across three days the jurors remained hopelessly deadlocked and a judge agreed that was not going to change declaring a mistrial and sending the case back to the beginning. judge barry williams decision to declare a mistrial gave baltimore neither justice nor closure. only more questions. >> no one wins obviously. but i don't know what's going to happen. the question is what is next? what is the prosecutor's office going to do. they can recharge. >> jurors deadlocked against
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the charges from manslaughter to misconduct. unconvinced by the prosecution's argument admitted that it was said that freddie did not give him what he asked for. >> i do expect that the prosecution will give serious consideration to a second trial. >> baltimore state's attorney maryland mosby left the courthouse without comment and talking about retrying the case. a decision that she will make public tomorrow. the gray family attorney tonight. >> this family wants only justice. they don't want a guilty or not guilty. they want a just verdict. they want a verdict of some kind. they are willing to wait for the pretrial. >> while they waited small protests began to flare-up as freddie gray a stepfather urged
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restraint. >> we ask the public to remain calm and patient because we are confident that there will be another trial with a -- jury. if we are calm, you should be calm too. >> and prosecutors had hoped to use porter as a witness in the case of the next officer who was scheduled to go on trial in january. how today's decision will affect that case. one of those difficult questions that we hope to get answered tomorrow. reporting live in baltimore, jarrett hague. now out to allison barbara at north and pennsylvania. >> an area where we saw major rioting in april. how were things tonight. >> reporter: peaceful, two main areas in the city where we saw protests where i am standing and an area where people were arrested. but for the most part
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everything tonight seemed incredibly peaceful. it was a peaceful protest. >> minutes after news of officer porter's trial made it outside of the courtroom, a small group of protestors standing steps away from the courthouse were chanting and asked more than once to move along. >> this is unlawful assembly. >> for hours group of protestors walked around without any problem. then another protester, a 16- year-old arrested. a spokesperson for the sheriff's department says both of the people were charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey and violating a law that prohibits using a bulls horn when court is in session. >> he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was peacefully protesting with the a bullhorn. >> one group remains to the justice center demanding the release of the teenager. in west baltimore there were prayers. and even though there was not always agreement there were
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conversations about the jury's verdict and the police. >> it ain't about just freddie gray, it is about the police being wrong about what they done and about the criminal justice system being wrong. >> and the future of this community. >> we learn from our mistakes. and tonight it is proof of it. they were a city on the rise. >> there are more abandoned houses in this city than there are homeless people. why is this community dying? we work and built commerce in this city. now you spit on their fricking backs. it ain't right. >> and the group that was here held a similar prayer vigil and they will continue doing this for the foreseeable future. reporting live in west baltimore, i'm allison barber, wusa9. the mayor of bomb calmed for calm in the wake of the mistrial.
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mayor blake said that people of baltimore should expect the outcome of the jury's deliberations. [ no audio] the outcome of the general process. this is our american system of justice. >> both of the the mayor and the police commissioner affirmed the right of citizens to protest peacefully but they said violent protests would not be tolerated. >> the president of the baltimore ncaa was very disappointed. >> officer porter denied things and we were hoping and i think most people were hope that he would at least get convicted on the charge of reckless endangerment and misconduct because he should have got convicted on at least two out of the four. >> and that president said she will be watching closely the trials of the other five
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officers charged in the case. she said freddie gray is dead and someone must be held accountable for that. >> maryland congressman elija cummings said despite the mistrial citizens should be heartened by the fact that wheels of justice are turning. >> some convictions where people never see the justice but at least the justice wheel turn and the jury could not agree unanimously. >> the congress added his voice for calm. >> the reaction being shared online. >> and we are tracking them locally and across the country. >> standing with baltimore protestors from st. louis and fantastic prayers out for the family of freddie gray. >> one says so wrong justice was not served today. >> and zander tweeted i'm not surprised at all.
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>> now if you want to share your thoughts on the mistrial check out # freddie gray and watch for breaking news on a retrial. if you haven't downloaded the new app for the latest updates when you need them, will you find additional coverage of the breaking news including complete analysis and a photo gallery. >> germany town park, gunshots pierced the sky. one man was killed and witnesses described a rapid- fire sound similar to fireworks. >> yeah, it was like pop, pop. >> said judy had the victim in her lap, what did you see? >> yes. there was blood on his leg and side and he was incoherent. i mean, she was talking to him and she was trying to answer back but it was like nothing is making any sense. tonight the search is on
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for the person behind the attack. police tell us they have been called to this neighborhood multiple times for job related incidents. tonight's other big stories, a yellow weather alert. >> get on chief meteorologist tom checking the rain. >> we have showers east of town into culver county and saint mary's county and also by saint fredericksburg. temperatures in the 40s and by 8:00, 49 and by 10:00 everybody has showers. but 51 at 10:00 and 49 in leesburg. we will track these and see if we will get out for the evening commute and have your three degree guarantee and look at
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big changes. temperature bubble is about to burst. right now dc police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed an off duty secret service officer. walter baldwin was a major of the uniformed division. his detail was at the white house. he was gunned down yesterday afternoon in the 4700 block of 1st street in southwest. they say his murder appears to have started with a robbery and they are looking for three suspects. we are hopeful that someone in the community will come forward with information because this did happen in broad daylight at one of our city streets and we believe that there are people that can give us valuable information. there is no indication that baldwin was carrying his service weapon. they found his car nearby. the stock market welcomed the decision by the federal resieve to raise the interest rate. the major in dex climbed about
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one-and-a-half percent. the fed raised short-term interest rates to a range between a quarter and a half percent. it has been near 0 since december of 2008 when the economy was tanking. >> the navy will award the purple heart to four marines and a sailor killed and a marine injured when the gunman attacked a chattanooga reserve center. killed in that attack were sergeant carson homequist. gunnery sergeant tom sullivan and lance corp accurately desire and skip wells and staff sergeant david wyatt, the f.b.i. determined it was inspired by a foreign terrorist group and that determination was necessary to bestow the purple hearts. as voters weigh in on the republican debate last night this nobel peace prize winner has a message for donald trump. and no profanity, please, constantly being warned to watch your mouth. you don't want to miss this.
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te mperature wars are heating up.
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we willtake you to are arguing whether it is too hot or too cold. >> to campaign 2016 coverage. voters debate who won and loss. >> the 5th republican presidential debate of the year. one thing most agree on, there are two new targets in the mix. >> marco knows what he is saying is not true. >> marco rubio and ted cruz sparring over congress' decision to end the deposit's collection of phone records. rubio opposed ending the program and cruz supported it. >> that's where we lost the meta data program that we no longer had. >> it covered 20 to 30% of phone numbers to search for terrorists and the new program covers 100% and that gives us greater ability to stop acts of terrorism and he knows that is
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the case. >> i don't think national television in front of 15 million people is the place to discuss classified information. >> it signaled rising tensions between the two senators as they vy to challenge go p front- runner donald trump. today cruz rebutting rubio's implication that he had revealed classified information. >> whasat i id last night has been widely reported. it has been saturated in the public. and this is example of the rubio campaign. >> to do things in a way that doesn't compromise national security. >> after the debate donald trump was asked how he would balance privacy and security. >> i have come down on the side of security. to me it is important. >> even if it means doing something to encroach on the bill of rights. >> i hate it and hate the concept and we are dealing with bad dudes. >> he is a chaos candidate. and he would be a chaos
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president and not the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. and the democrats are set to debate in manchester, new hampshire. know bell -- nobell peace prize winner ma lalli was asked about donald trump comments, says that this inspires more terrorism. >> it is a shame to hear these comments full of hatred and ideology of being discriminated but i hope that we will show this is not how we want to
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live. >> ma lalis the youngest person to ever receive this prize. if you swear, mom can't get too mad at you because people that curse have a larger vocabulary. they were asked to remember all noncurse words for a provided topic in 60 seconds and the results, people that named the most curse words in sixty seconds also named the noncurse words. i'm not sure we can go with that. >> yeah. >> i don't think that will work. >> just as long as you don't come out with four or five letter words right now. >> no. >> prepare yourself for a dose of cute. >> photographers and people found themselves overwhelmed as bei bei was carried in the giant enclosure. it was a day for news cameras but bei bei makes his public debut on january 16th and the
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public can hardly wait. sure are cute. i want to touch him. i said if i could have a pet it would be a bear. >> if i could take this panda home i would take him home. >> i want to hug a panda. >> for the record bei bei is four months old and tips the panda scales 17-and-a-half pounds and still nurses several times a day. if we could go back in time for ten seconds, the lady that wanted to have a bear ... >> there is that reserve in china where they actually let you hug the panda bears. >> yep. >> but those pandas are trained to do that but you would have to go to china to do that. >> most bears not trained to hug up on you. >> if they hug up on you, you probably don't want that. >> how do you get away from a bear. just outrun the person you are with. >> we are going to need people to hug if the temperatures dip in the artic. >> i think the coldest air by
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saturday. the temperature bubble had to break, we had temperatures above 60s and today was close. let's talk about the three degree guarantee. we went 56, almost to bull's- eye. and 57 is the official number and we are going to go 55 tomorrow and even though we are talking about clouds and showers. still one more mild day. live look to the weather cam. only 48. that's our average high. okay? dew points in the 40s. we won't go below 40 tonight. winds out of the southeast at five. here is the rainfall, still back at the ohio valley and tennessee valley and rung into western north carolina and around asheville. moving quickly to the north. the earlier you get to work tomorrow, the better chance you have of making it before the rain. yellow weather alert tomorrow for rain, bus stop temperatures 40 to 50. if you are at the bus stop at six, probably dry, 7 probably dry and 8 pushing your luck.
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heavyity rain 6:00. futurecast a couple of 40s and by 9:00 everybody has showers. 50 downtown and 37 in dumpfreys and 45 in fairfax. by lunchtime we still have showers especially east of i- 95. buoy and mitchellville and laplaydo. 53 there and 53 in silver string. mild despite the rain. by 6:00 most of the showers are out, may have a dry commute home. most of the showers to extreme southern maryland by 6:00. on the day planner it looks like this. rain and showers at 9:00 and at 11:00 and at noon and at 1:00 with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. so behind the front, breezy and chilly, a shower possible friday. only 51 and that will feel like 45 with the winds and then only
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42 on saturday and mountain snow showers, maybe a snow flurry in the northern western suburbs. next 7 days be warmer for the games and back in the 50s and 50s on monday and showers tuesday and wednesday and back to 64 next wednesday. that's not very festive. is it? >> it could be. >> thafestive in short and a t- shirt. what is your wish during the season of joy? building a wall of wishes to share your hopes. >> and here is a look at what some of you are sharing. karen says all i'm wishing for is a job. i have been unemployed for some time and all i want is a job. we hope that comes soon for you. >> ms. sharon says i wish tolerance if not acceptance. >> and gigi wants to find a wall for cystic fibrosis. >> check out the wall at
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you after the break. >> anchor's away. this ship is ready to sale away been not football coaches. ken niumatalolo talked about vacant coaching job, don't set sail, coach. that is what fans are saying. good news, 9 sports confirming that coach niumatalolo will stay. kenny is staying at navy. the school confirming him as the winningest coach in annapolis history. he says i think this is where i'm supposed to be. he is home. football now. professional football. don't ask jay gruden to
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apologize for his record. it is what it is. he says washington preparing for buffalo, the skins are mediocre, 6 and 7 and some are mocking the east as every team is under five hundred but don't bring that noise to jay gruden. >> the ability to play for a championship is exciting, the players and staff is excited and to be thin position, you can feel the energy. it is exciting and we have to stay focused. i predict the skins win on sunday. the most accomplished goal in soccer history. 184. that's how many goals abby wambach has scored in competition more than any woman or man. few players brought it like amy
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wambach. her one last match against china and to get a header goal, no, denied by the keeper, 72nd meeting and china wins 1-0 snapping an 11 win streak. no one cares about that, it was all about amy wambach. >> the caps taking on new jersey. michael lotta. a lot of speed and moves and goals. caps on the power play or not. carlson with his 6th goal of the season. and they were up 2-nil. brayden holtby doing what he always does, just putting up a wall, just putting up a wall, 26 of 27 shots. caps win 2-1. randy whitman
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and the wizards. struggles at san antonio. walls tells mills where should i put this jump shot, how about here. 11 points, dimes for him and there is a problem. no one came to play except for him. marcus aldridge and wizards lose by 19, four games under 500. >> they have to turn
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